Monday, September 14, 2020

African-Americans Must Leave the USA!

African-American Relocation Initiative

The first enslaved Africans brought to what became two states in the United States of America, came in 1526 to San Miguel de Guadalupe in what was Spanish (South Carolina and Georgia). Within weeks the 100 enslaved Africans revolted against their Spanish captors and fled into Native American areas. They intermingled with the Lumbee tribe as well as the Brass Ankles community.

In 1619, there were 20+ enslaved Africans from Angola stolen from a Portuguese slave ship, then transported to an English warship flying a Dutch flag. They were eventually sold to the Colonial settlers. 

From 1525 to 1860, slavery was in the Americas and the United States of America. The last slave ship to arrive in the United States of America came in 1860 called the Clotilda. It arrived in Mobile Bay, Alabama. It had 110 - 160 enslaved Africans.

African-Americans have fought in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and every other war on and off American soil, yet African-Americans have never been and never will be treated as equals in these United States.

At some point African-Americans must purchase land elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere or in Africa and relocate. This action alone would break the back of racism in the United States of America. 

African-Americans do not need to beg any country to receive them, African-Americans simply need to purchase land from other countries just as the United States purchased Louisiana from France in 1803 for $15 million.

This is the final move, elevation and stand of the African-American race in the West. African-Americans have the resources to purchase land outside or inside the United States of America to create a better future for their posterity. 

NO! This doesn't mean African-Americans would not trade with the United States of America. They would trade with the world. African-Americans would keep their social media pages, iPhones, cellphones just as those in other parts of the world; however, just as the European Jews felt the need to create a "State of Israel", so must African-Americans purchase land and create their own Country or State. 

I contend the main reason why African-Americans are behind in the United States of America is because of slavery, legal segregation and the effects thereof, of which the United States senate and congress has apologized for yet haven't provided any form of reparations. 

According to African-American billionaire Bob Johnson, reparations for African-Americans is somewhere around $14 trillion.

I'm of the opinion $14 trillion dollars in reparations for African-Americans could empower them to purchase Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Louisianan. Texas GDP is $1.8 trillion, with a population around 29 million people. New Mexico GDP is around $94 billion, population around 3 million people. Arizona GDP is $272 billion, population around 7 million people. Louisiana GDP $205 billion, population around 5 million people. Or African-Americans could use its $14 trillion reparations check to purchase land elsewhere outside of the United States.

African-Americans are also failing in the United States of America because it is shouldering the pain of 288,240,000 people (all of the USA outside of the African-American population). African-Americans bare the brunt of America's failures: the Pandemic of COVID-19, police brutality, and racial injustices proves that fact. The time has come for all 40 million African-Americans to purchase land and have its own government.

I'm willing to gamble my life that if African-Americans purchase their own land, establish their own government...they would prosper in ways unthinkable. We'd need African-American engineers, educators, politicians, doctors, business, social and religious leaders to come together and assist in this great endeavor. 

Lastly, this isn't another "Back To Africa Movement", of which were powerful movements. This is a "Black Empowerment Movement". We aren't begging for any country to take us in as refugees. We aren't attempting to take land from locals. We're looking to buy our own land, create our own government, and build BLACK wealth through trade with the world. Only this time we'll be trading BLACK owned goods.

Even if the United States of America does not give African-Americans reparations, they must still find ways to raise funds, purchase land and separate from the yoke of the American society and government.

A country founded by African-Americans in 2020 or beyond with all the degrees, intellect and innovation they currently have would be the envy of the world! Yes, all would be welcomed in our BLACK oasis.

This is the final stand of the African-American race and its survival.

Minister Jim Allen, FNDR of the African-American Relocation Initiative.