Thursday, August 6, 2020

Saving FBG Duck and All Disciples, Lords, Stones!

As of now the entire rap world is saddened by the untimely death of Chicago rap superstar FBG Duck born Carlton Weekly (1993 -2020). He and others were shot on the 100 East block of Oak Street in Downtown Chicago.

The Chicago police department deemed the shooting gang related. When FBG Duck was shot he was moving around while on the ground. There was clearly no immediate effort to apply pressure to his wounds or even save his life judging by the videos on social media.

Many in Chicago...especially Black Chicago, is wondering if FBG Duck could of been saved not only by the police and first responders on the scene, but also by more social programs designed to steer young men like FBG Duck from the ills of urban life. 

According to FBG Duck, he was born in the Ida B. Wells housing development on 39th street. FBG Duck also spoke of his father not being in his life due to a wrongful-conviction that landed his father in prison for 24 years of FBG Duck's life. Keep in mind FBG Duck died at age 26! Which means his father was in prison for most of Duck's entire life. 

FBG Duck grew up under his grandmother's supervision, there were 12 to 15 other relatives living in his grandmother's household on any given time (cousins, brothers and aunties).

FBG Duck best friend "Tooka" was killed at age 15 while at a bus stop. FBG Duck talked about the murder of his best friend Tooka and the effect it had on him mentally. 

FBG Duck also dealt with depression from his brother and cousin being murdered on the same day. He spoke about seeing both of their dead bodies at the same time and the effect it had on his mind. FBG Duck saw so much despair in his young life. He often struggled with drinking LEAN of which he said he's probably spent around $10,000 a year on LEAN.

Other rappers like 600 Breezy also stated he's probably spent $1,000,000 on LEAN. Chicago's very on G-Herbo has claimed to have spent $50,000 a year on LEAN.

Many rappers deal with depression by taking LEAN, it's also a very popular drink used by rappers for recreational purposes. LEAN is basically heroin.

FBG Duck was more than a drill rapper, he was a very talented young man who often stated "I was going to be something big regardless of if it was rap or sports". He once said "...I can make all kinds of music. I can make a church song..." Yet this young man was troubled on every side as it relates to socioeconomic neighborhoods on Chicago's South and West Sides.

From being shot on two different occasions to being stabbed in the stomach by an ex-girlfriend (of which he suffered intestinal damage) FBG Duck was indeed a Chicago sensation whose hit song SLIDE had over 30 million views while he was alive.

His talent as a rapper landed him an over $1.7 million deal with Sony. He was a young man who when as soon as he signed an over $1.7 million deal with Sony, the first thing he did was take care of his mother. FBG Duck loved his mom, he loved being able to provide for her financially.


Let's face it, no woman respects about a "broke man" whether he's her boyfriend or husband. FBG Duck ensured he wouldn't be a "broke man". He used his gift of poetry i.e. rap to tell real life stories that may sound grotesque to some, but are motivation to others.

None of us are saints, nor was FBG Duck. He was flawed just like you and I. But the fact he was able to become a millionaire in a capitalist, dog-eat-dog country like America only shows how determined he was to survive and thrive against all odds.

America has been viciously cruel to the Black man, from the PLANtation to Mass Incarceration. Black neighborhoods around the country purposely filled with crack cocaine during the Reagan Administration. Black men locked out of jobs and contracts in Chicago since the Great Migration to this very day!  

If FBG Duck had a better hand in life like most white families have (a present father), college assistance from parents...there's no telling what FBG Duck could of become. He possibly could of been a Fortune 500 CEO judging by the fact he became a self-made millionaire.

We need multi-million dollar music labels like Sony to help young Black men get into college, instead of only signing them to make records about their pain and profiting from it. Sony should honor FBG Duck by creating a scholarship in his honor for young Black artists in America's ghettos. 

Pray for Chicago as we continue to deal with gun violence that no one seems to have an answer to solve. Rest In Peace FBG Duck and all Chicago poets (rappers) gone too soon. 

Written By:
Min. Jim Allen, FNDR/CEO
of One Business Chicago