Friday, May 15, 2020

The Black Community Has Always Dealt W/ COVID-19 Type Pressures and Stressors!

The pressures and stressors of COVID-19 have always been in urban BLACK communities. In Black communities people have had a 24/7 ❝STAY AT HOME❞ nonverbal command for decades due to poverty and gang violence.

Children can't play outside because of shootings. Senior citizens can't walk in their neighborhoods because of shootings. It's the ultimate ❝SOCIAL DISTANCING❞ that's been with us before COVID-19. 

Let's not even talk about lead in poor Black schools, water pipes, etcetera. Let's not even talk about food insecurity in poor Black neighborhoods. Let's not even talk about high rates of HIV/AIDS in poor Black communities due to lack of ❝TESTING❞ and clinics! 

This is why during COVID-19 (worldwide pandemic) most Blacks in poor neighborhoods aren't mentally cognizant of the critical dangers of COVID-19. Most poor Black folks feel as if they live in modern day ❝Smallpox, Tuskegee Syphilis Study and COVID-19❞ pressures and stressors on a daily basis.

Yes, increase risks such as comorbidities are greatly aiding in the demise of Black Americans relative to COVID-19, but again, many have felt helpless and hopeless before COVID-19 and that helplessness and hopelessness is on the hands of those in leadership who's jobs are supposedly to make things better, improved and efficient. now you throw COVID-19 on top of decades of redlining (refusal of loans and insurance), economic oppression, housing insecurities, food insecurities, health disparities, and you have Black American genocide.

Written By: 
Jim Allen