Sunday, December 1, 2019

One Business Chicago 2019 MAN OF THE YEAR: Bamani Obadele!

When you think of activism in a tough city like Chicago, one of the first people you have to consider is Minister Bamani Obadele. For decades he's been fighting against unfairness and injustice. He's been a champion of the poor.

✊­čĆ┐Obadele was the first to come out against singing sensation R. Kelly more than 17 years ago regarding sexual misconduct of minors when many, including Chicago pastors' were supporting R. Kelly. Click below link.

Minister Obadele has worked for countless community grassroots organizations, as well as established political campaigns including a former Illinois governor, and current Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul.

The truth of the matter is Obadele has delivered on all fronts whether: petitions, votes, political victories, or 100's of thousands of dollars in contracts for at-risk youth and unemployed black wo/men.

Min. Jim Allen and Min. Bamani Obadele 

Bamani Obadele has proven himself to be a skilled political strategist and community organizer. He's a proven winner time and time again. All of these qualities along with his ability to overcome hardships is what makes Minister Bamani Obadele our 2019 "MAN OF THE YEAR!"

Obadele continues to work as a political strategist and community organizer. He's a great person, father, and man of God. Thank you Bamani Obadele for all you do!

Written By: Jim Allen