Monday, August 26, 2019


As a Chicago Public Schools elementary and high school alum, it was difficult to see many of my classmates graduate high school without their driver's license. Many didn't graduate with their driver's license simply because their parents were poor, and oftentimes didn't own vehicles for their children to take the driving part of the test in. 

The ones whose parents did have vehicles, oftentimes those vehicles weren't insured, of which can't be used relative to achieving a driver's license.

We all know having a driver's license is an essential part of not only being an adult, but being a responsible adult. That's why in my humble opinion I sincerely believe every Chicago Public Schools high school senior should graduate with his/her driver's license. 


College isn't for everyone; however, there are some great careers centered around having a driver's license children graduating from high school can attain. Careers such as: Chicago Transit Authority, PACE, Truck Driving, Logistics, and many more. This is why it's so important we ensure every high school senior within Chicago Public Schools have their driver's license upon completion of high school.

We must find ways to ensure just about all of Chicago Public High Schools have insured cars with instructors willing to help unfortunate children in receiving their driver's license. Hopefully we can partner with CTA, PACE, or any private Logistics company that would be willing to hire Chicago Public high school students upon graduating high school and attaining their driver's license through this very important initiative.

"Let's make it happen for our children, 
for the future of Chicago, and for a better Chicago!"

Jim Allen, CEO of One Business Chicago